How would you fit $1,000,000 in a briefcase?

Reflecting on old movies and ransoms, Eastside Elementary's 5th grade students wondered if a briefcase could hold $1,000,000. [image: 12717286_1047980738593379_7518499684079335519_n.jpg] They set out to prove their theory that $1,000,000 one-dollar bills could not fit in the standard size briefcase. Working collaboratively, groups had to determine the necessary steps to find the volume of one million one-dollar bills. Through discussion and using measurement tools with a bundle of twenty-five bills, students plotted a course of action. [image: 12743552_1047980828593370_5490834822102744198_n.jpg] The verdict .... No, 1,000,000 one-dollar bills would not fit in a standard size briefcase. The general consensus among the students is the money would measure about 69,000 cubic inches approximately 52" x 34" x 39" - about the size of a front load washing machine. [image: 1918187_1047980671926719_3203818345500157382_n.jpg] It would weigh 1,000,000 grams, which is 1,000 kilograms, which is slightly less than 1/2 a ton. At least, that's what they discovered. Their next mission...How would you fit $1,000,000 in a briefcase? #reboot #news