Husky on display. Do you remember Cody's Refinery?

(Cody) Frontier Auto Museum Owner and L&H Industrial Vice President Jeff Wandler says his brother-in-law, Marvin Sherwood of Red Lodge Ranch in Powell, donated a Husky Oil Sign to him for the museum. The sign had spent several years covering a 55 gallon barrel full of creosote for fence posts. [image: 20160227_145159.jpg] Husky was an oil refinery founded in Cody but eventually moved to Calgary. Husky closed its Cody refinery in the 70s and there was talk about it getting bought by another oil company for a while, but was eventually torn down. "He grew up with it. They kept a brick on it. He would come over and see my collection and would say 'I got a Husky sign for ya!' And this went on for years," said Wandler, who didn't quite believe his brother-in-law had what he was claiming to have. At a family wedding, Sherwood brought the sign to Wandler for the museum, and it's in beautiful condition despite spending years out on the ranch as a barrel cover. They estimate it's from 1935 - 1940. It's a very rare, expensive sign. The museum has two glass Husky gas pump globes as well as the sign. "It's made from porcelain, and like a porcelain stove, they're very durable." Just opened in January. It's $5 admission and it's right in downtown Gillette. The back portion contains classic cars, gas signage, and general store antiques from around the Black Hills, to Cody, and as far south as Midwest. The front portion has antiques and gifts for sale. #reboot #news