Hill Conviction Upheld By State Supreme Court

In July of 2015 a jury found Derek Earl Hill guilty of five counts of reckless endangering, three counts of aggravated assault, and one count of eluding police. This conviction stemmed from an incident, in which Hill threatened an area family, and led a police chase while speeding through stop signs. The incident culminated in his arrest after he discharging a weapon while the police were trying to apprehend him. Hill was arrested for these crimes in 2012. He has since been appealing his conviction claiming there was insufficient evidence of aggravated assault. Hill also contended in his appeal that the district court abused its discretion when it admitted evidence of law enforcement officers’ reactions to a fired shot. The final appeal regarded that prosecutorial misconduct occurred during the closing arguments of his trial. The State Supreme Court has upheld that conviction today. The Court stated in regards to the first section of Hill's appeal "There was sufficient evidence for a jury to have rationally concluded that Mr. Hill threatened to use a drawn deadly weapon on the three law enforcement officers who were on the scene when he emerged from his vehicle." Hill did however score a minor victory before the State Supreme Court. The Court ruled that there was an abuse of the District Court's discretion in allowing evidence of officer's testimony. However, that error was not prejudicial to the case. On the final appeal of the prosecutor’s statements during closing arguments regarding what constitutes a threat, the three Justices found that the attorney's statements "did not constitute plain error." Hill's appeal was denied by the Supreme Court and the justices "affirmed" his conviction. #reboot #news