“Local Businesses Provide Hope for Families in Financial Recovery”

A personal financial crisis can be the result of many things -- a lost job, a divorce, bankruptcy, mounting credit card debt or even a sudden medical emergency. While enduring a financial crisis may be the hardest thing you’ll ever face...few people realize the battle can continue well into financial recovery. It can often be difficult to get loans or even checking accounts if you have a less than perfect credit history. But even after a financial setback the road to recovery can often be paved with the help of local businesses… maybe even an unlikely place like your local credit union. Partnering with a credit union may be the first step on your road to financial recovery. Many credit unions provide free financial literacy resources, training, and counseling to help their members better understand and handle their financial matters. Credit unions tend to offer fewer and sometimes reduced fees for their products and services compared to those of other financial institutions. Products like Valley Federal Credit Union’s “Opportunity Checking ” are a second chance to help get through the challenges of financial recovery. No matter what your circumstances are, remember you are not alone. Partnering with an institution like Valley Federal Credit Union can give you the one thing you need the most, *Opportunity*. #valleyfcu #sponsored #reboot #news