#Throwback Thursday: Chimney Rock, Valley and Heart Mountain Ranches

[image: Photo 5.jpg]Chimney Rock, a rock formation on the Cody Road (North Fork Hwy) to Yellowstone National Park. The highway became a rough wagon trail around 1903, parts of the road were widened and upgraded for a number of years following, but the major reconstruction of the highway was done in 1942 when it became a paved highway. [image: Photo 6.jpg] Irving H. “Larry” Larom (b.1889-d.1973) on the left and an unknown man on the right at Valley Ranch up the South Fork. Larry Larom owned and operated Valley Ranch from 1914-1969. He successfully operated it as a dude ranch which led many pack trips for boys and girls each summer into Thoroughfare Country and Yellowstone National Park. Larry also opened and operated the Valley Ranch Prep School for Boys from 1922 until 1934. He played a major role in getting the Dude Ranchers Association organized in 1926 and served as the president for 19 years. [image: Photo 7.jpg] A sod roof log cabin on the Hitchcock family ranch, later known as the Heart Mountain Ranch. Bessie Hitchcock and her husband Paul Craig homesteaded in the Heart Mountain area in 1907. [image: Photo 8.jpg] Elizabeth “Betty” Craig, daughter of Bessie and Paul Craig, sitting on a crate holding a lamb outside at their family ranch later known as Heart Mountain Ranch. Around 1910. [image: Photo 9.jpg] Jessie Hitchcock and her niece Elizabeth “Betty” Craig standing in a field on their family ranch with Heart Mountain in the background. Around 1910. Hitchcock Family: Jessie and Bessie Hitchcock came to Cody country with their father from Nebraska in the early 1900s. Bessie Hitchcock married Paul Craig, who was an irrigation engineer for the U.S. Reclamation Services. They ended up homesteading in the Heart Mountain area in 1907. Their ranch later became known as the Heart Mountain Ranch. Bessie and Paul had three children, Elizabeth “Betty”, Helen, and Robert. The Craig family moved to California in 1912, but Jessie Hitchcock stayed behind. Jessie Hitchcock, the sister of Bessie, was a teacher in the Cody schools and eventually became the first superintendent of Park County schools. Photo H/t Park County Archives #reboot #news