Krone allegedly fired for inappropriate texts

(Cody, Wyo)- In the midst of a search by Park County Commissioners and the Park County Attorney's office to find a replacement Deputy Attorney, new information has come to light about the departure of the Sam Krone. We have now learned through other news sources that Sam Krone who is also a Republican Representative for the State Legislature was most likely fired for sending disturbing texts to a woman being prosecuted by the County Attorney's office. It is has been reported that Krone spoke with and mocked a woman who was being charged for DUI. The texts reportedly ranged from Krone complaining about the woman not going on a date with him to mocking the woman about going to jail, and telling her not to f---- with Krone. Basin Reboot had previously reported that after 12 years with the Park County Attorney’s Office, Sam Krone would be making a change and entering private practice. At the time of the previous story Basin Reboot reached out to the County Attorney's office and Mr. Krone for comment but neither would comment on why Krone was leaving citing it as a personnel issue. Basin Reboot will continue to seek comment from County officials, and Sam Krone regarding this story. #reboot #news