You've seen the End The R-word video. Now meet the students behind the camera

Jessica Holiday and Scout Vannoy are seniors at Cody High School. They were the two students behind the camera for the R word. The video shared on Basin Reboot that resonated with so many of our readers. The video has currently been watched 11,200 times and is one of the most viewed, shared, liked and commented on posts in Reboot's history. It is also one of the most viewed videos produced by the video communications class called CHS Wired. The video was made for a campaign called Spread the Word End the Word. The campaign is a movement to stamp out usage of the R word (retard or retarded) as a derogatory remark. This is the second such PSA Holiday and Vannoy have made for the movement. Jessica Holiday told Reboot that "CHS wired wanted to become the face and the voice of this movement. After last year's PSA we took the message of the campaign to heart." Vannoy went on to detail some of the challenges they faced while producing this video. "At the very end when we put the R word in the video we had lots of discussion about whether or not to put the word in at all." Even though it was a tough decision and there were concerns about possibly offending people. "It was one that we stood by." Vannoy and Holiday went so far as to gather feedback from parents of children with developmental disabilities and with faculty who work with those students. In the end the students made a creative decision to add the word because they wanted people to have a negative reaction to the word. ""We wanted people say "Ugh" and hate the word at the end"" said Holiday. The two students also stressed that "The students in the video with developmental disabilities chose the word they would say to represent themselves. They chose what they wanted to say" The CHS wired students then took those words and choreographed the scenes in which they would be used. Another decision that the pair decided on was to include students with out disabilities Said Holiday "We wanted to incorporate students with out developmental disabilities to be in the video to show that we are all in this together." CHS Wired is a class taught at Cody High School by Erika Quick. You can see more of their work on the CHS Wired Vimeo page #reboot #news