Committee shares thoughts on science standards

( Wyoming) The Science Standards Review Committee met from May of last year till February of this year. The committee's goal was to revise, the Wyoming Science Content & Performance Standards. Their purpose is to recommend a set of science standards to the Wyoming State Board of Education for adoption. Why are excellent Science Standards so important for Wyoming? This video features members of the Science Standards Committee sharing their thoughts on the new draft standards. Featured in this video is a response by some the committee to questions about why the K-12 science standards are needing amending and upgrading. “Wyoming took a deep dive into its review of science standards and made sure the public was involved throughout the entire process,” said Wyoming State Superintendent Jillian Balow. “This committee worked together from beginning to end, with the needs of our schools and our state at the forefront of their work. We are all grateful for their dedication. This standards review process was inclusive, comprehensive, and thoughtful. Input from citizens was embraced by the committee from the first town hall meeting to valuable input provided by science and business professionals.” This is the second attempt to replace Wyoming's science standards and has resulted in proposed standards that are supposed to be more balanced in addressing anthropogenic climate change, i.e. human caused global warming. There has been controversy in the past about the teaching of this subject in Wyoming schools. More information of about Wyoming's science standards can be found on the Wyoming Department of Education's website . Photo H/t Wyoming Department of Education #reboot #news