It's National Ag Day... So here are our top 5 Wyoming Ag facts

Today is National Ag Day, which is celebrated every year on March 15. Ag Day is a day in which aims to celebrate and increase public awareness about American agriculture. To celebrate our agricultural heritage we've found some awesome Ag Facts about the state of Wyoming. *Moove it on over: * The cattle industry is the largest component of Wyoming agriculture accounting for over half of all cash receipts. Cattle also led the way in 2013 in terms of value of production at $706 million. All livestock production was valued at $833 million. [image: IMG_7029.JPG] *Hay, hay what do you say? * Hay is by far the leading crop in Wyoming in terms of value of production totaling $390 million in 2013. All crop production totaled $520 million in 2013. [image: haystack-332924_960_720.jpg] *Cost Effective: * Production agriculture only requires 69 cents of services for each dollar of local tax revenue paid. Compare this to rural residential lands demanding $2.40 in services for each dollar of local tax revenue paid. [image: dollar-163473_960_720.jpg] *Wide open spaces: * Wyoming has 11,500 farms and ranches which average 2,626 acres in size. Wyoming ranks 11th nationally in total land in farms/ranches and 1st for average size of farms/ranches. Wyoming also has has nearly 30.169 million acres of land used for production agriculture. [image: IMG_6991.JPG] *Billion Dollar Baby:* $1.35 billion: The value of the Agriculture industry in Wyoming. The output of the agriculture industry in Wyoming annually approaches or exceeds $1 billion. [image: IMG_7030.JPG] #reboot #news #county17 #county10 #dally #oilcity #buckrail #springcity #shortgo