Dispatch: 4 Arrests all DUI, and reports of thefts

(Bighorn Basin, Wyo.) – Here is the Monday, March 21st 2016 recap of law enforcement activity in the Cody and Powell area. All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. *Arrests:* Desirae Gams, Cody, 21, Arrested for Driving While Under Suspended and Violation of Probation. Lyle McNeil, Powell, 27, Arrested for DWUI – Alcohol, DUS, Ignition Interlock Violation and Open Container. Leopoldo Sebastian Gonzalez, 18, Mexico, was arrested for DWUI Yvonne Hernandez, 37, arrested for DUI 2nd offence in ten years and careless driving *Cody:* Occurred at Wal-Mart on Yellowstone Ave. Caller has a shoplifter in the AP office. Occurred on Pioneer Ave, Cody. Callers boyfriend making threats to her and her sister about killing her sister’s husband. Occurred on Robert St, Cody. Caller says that a female who was supposed to have been out of the residence Saturday is still there and is now stealing items from the home. Would like to speak with an officer. Occurred on 34TH St, Cody. A caller advised pickup truck has been parked in her driveway for 20 minutes with the lights on. RP can't see make/model but would like to have officer check it out. An arrest was made. *Powell:* A report of theft occurred on N Day St, Received a report of some tubs missing from a storage shed. An officer responded. The tubs had been removed from a storage shed and their contents had been thrown in the dumpster. A neighbor witnessed someone matching the description of another neighbor in the shed. The reporting party contacted that neighbor and said he would be happy if he would place the contents back in the tubs and put them back where they were found. The neighbor complied. Occurred on W 2ND St. Received a report of a stray dog. The dog’s owner was contacted to go get their dog and reminded to renew their dog license. Occurred on S Gilbert St. Received a report of a male and female fighting over an infant. Officers responded and the case is under investigation. Occurred on N Bent St. Received a report of a stolen cell phone. The case is under investigation. Occurred on Avenue E. Received a report of a juvenile hitting another juvenile with a golf club. The juvenile was not injured. An officer spoke with all of the juveniles involved and contacted their parents. Officer initiated activity at N Beckman St. An officer observed a vehicle cross the center line and turn off, not using the turn lane. The driver pulled over and the officer made contact. Leopoldo Sebastian Gonzalez, 18, Mexico, was arrested for DWUI and transported to Park County Jail. Occurred at on E 5TH St. Received a report of banging and yelling. Officers responded and learned the domestic was verbal. The male had already left the apartment. #reboot #news #dispatch