Planning and Zoning to have public hearings

The Park County Planning and Zoning Commission will meet at 7pm on Tuesday April 19th in the Alternate Emergency Operating Center basement of the Courthouse Addition This is a regular meeting of the Park County Planning & Zoning Commission open to the public. There will be public hearings on the Hartung Minor Subdivision: Florence and Eugene Hartung request approval of a subdivision application for a two-lot minor subdivision. Anderson Automotive Repair Special Use Permit 149: Bryan Anderson requests approval of an SUP to allow development of an Automotive Repair Shop in a 4,500 sq. ft. building. Trinity Teen Solutions requests approval of an amendment to a SUP to allow additional development of an existing Residential Treatment Facility. Redemption Life Center Special Use Permit 150: Mark King of Redemption Church of Cody requests approval of an SUP to allow development of a Group Home that will house up to 10 individuals Higbie Zoning Map Amendment: Edwin and Carol Higbie request approval of a zoning map amendment to change three parcels totaling 508 acres #reboot #news