#Throwback Thursday: Saloons and Civic Pride of Cody

(Big Horn Basin) - Men posing for a photo in the Council Saloon, a favorite hangout in the early days of Cody; circa 1901. The proprietor, W.J. Chapman, was an agent for Blatz Beer. An old story goes that he later lost his saloon to Jess Frost in a poker game.In those days women were not allowed inside bars, but their male friends could buy drinks & bring them outside to give to the ladies clustered on the boardwalk out front. [image: Image 1.jpg] Carl Hammitt, the man identified at center, came to Cody in 1898 after having spent some time touring with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. He was an active citizen who did many things. He raised cattle, was a butcher, served as the town marshal, a deputy sheriff, & a game warden. He was also an ardent Democrat & helped organize Cody’s first Democratic caucus. [image: Image 2.jpg] Malcom Martin & George Bailey cleaning up Greybull in 1931. They were high school students at the time. George Bailey is wearing an old Cody High School letterman sweater. Both boys seen very satisfied with themselves & their civic-minded stewardship. #reboot #news