Not your average catch!

Chris Hancock caught more than he bargained for while fishing yesterday near the Buffalo Bill Reservoir. Chris and some friends were out trying to feel in some walleye when he stumbled upon the body of a mountain lion lying in the surf. After confirming that the animal was indeed dead Chris and his fishing companions called the Wyoming Game and Fish to come inspect the body of the animal. According to Mr. Hancock Game and Fish did a necropsy on the animal and determined that even though it was found in the water the big cat didn't die of drowning, as there was no water in the lungs. The determination was that the animal had most likely died of hypothermia while trying to swim from the Cedar Mountain area. Chris Hancock was then given the right to retain ownership of the animal. After paying some tag fees Chris recovered the cat and was able to harvest the hide and skull. Thanks to Mr Hancock for the story and the pictures #reboot #news