Cody's Hunter Hicks wins top journalism honors

(Cody, Wyo.)- Hunter Hicks was recently named the journalist of the year for the State of Wyoming by the Wyoming High School Student Press Association. Now his work will compete on the national stage in Los Angeles. Hicks is the director of the CHS Wired program at Cody High School. He has been active in the program since his sophomore. Basin Reboot interviewed Hunter and he detailed his work and he how he got here, " I submitted the best of my work. I have lots of stories but I picked, four or five of my best one and submitted those for my portfolio. Only seniors can submit so I was really happy to get this. Hicks went on to say that, "It's an expensive thing to do, you know all of the camera equipment and software, I couldn't do this on my own. We are really fortunate here at Cody High School to have a program like we do. To have a set time in the day work. Everybody I work with, we all came into the program together and we push each other." When asked about what his future plans were Hicks stated that, " I'm not strictly going to go in to newspaper or broadcast journalism you know, I want to do documentaries, I want to do real stuff that's happening but not in a traditional newsy form you know." Hicks said that for winning the award he will receive a $500 scholarship for school and the booster club will give me $300 to travel to Los Angeles for the National Convention. " And it will look really great on a resume so that's cool to you know." Hunter Hicks will now be traveling to Los Angeles for the National High School Journalism Convention where he is competing for the title of national journalist of the year. The convention will take place from the 14th to the 17th of April. Hicks says that he plans on attending Northwest College in Powell next year. #reboot #news