Maxwell Hughes and band Edison to play at the Silver Dollar

This super talented, alt/folk band is set to perform at the Silver Dollar Bar on March 31, 2016 at ______ p.m. Edison is an alt/folk trio hailing from Colorado. They are known for their layered harmonies, tribal drumming and mandolin. [image: Inline image 1] Comprised of the talented singer/songwriter, Sarah Slaton, mandolin guru, Dustin Morris and finger-picking pro, Maxwell Hughes; the trio is a beautiful, "hodge-podge that just makes sense," says Sarah Slaton. You've just got to see (and hear) for yourself: Opening for the band, and showing off his complex sounds of drumming, fingerpicking, and two handed tapping style, is Edison's very own, Maxwell Hughes. Watch Edison play this Thursday, March 31 at ____ p.m. at the Silver Dollar . #silverdollar #sponsored #reboot #news #whatshappening