Snow-coaches going the way of the dinosaurs

(Cody, Wyo.) You can now own one of the world’s most bizarre and iconic over-snow vehicles.While the Bombardier snow coaches don't get the best gas mileage in the world and are pretty darn noisy. They have skis instead of wheels,and they boast a nice V-8 engine, and a vintage-cool factor. How could you not want one? Yellowstone National Park is set to institute a much stricter noise policy and increase their fuel efficiency standards.As a result Yellowstone will begin auctioning off the now non-compliant. The first of the snow coaches sold fast, with prices ranging from $10,000 - $12,000. The second round of auctions is expected to start soon. [image: BR100+sidea.jpg] Introduced in the winter of 1954–55, the Bombardiers were made by a now-defunct French Canadian company. These over snow vehicles were introduced 62 years ago and got a whopping 3.5 miles per gallon on a good day. They were designed as an affordable winter access to Yellowstone National Park easier, but they didn't exactly make tourists flock to Yellowstone. The Park only gets about 5 percent of its annual visitors during the winter. Most Park visitors have never even seen, let alone been in a snow coach. Yellowstone does plan to keep at least one Bombardier for its archives, although it won’t be in driving condition. They also plan on retro-fitting some of the existing vehicles to meet the new standards although it has been reported that they will be painted red instead of the iconic yellow. The auction will take place on the GSA website if you want to own a piece of winter Yellowstone history #reboot #news #buckrail