SCAM ALERT: Fraudulent Jury Notices in Park County

(Park County, Wyo.) - Basin Reboot spoke with the Park County Clerk of the District Court Patra Lindenthal today and learned that fraudulent email notices are being sent to Park County residents. Says Lindenthatl, "We’ve had several calls from county residents asking about jury duty e-mails that they’ve recently received which are clearly not legitimate." The emails contain notice of a jury summons and also have an attachment which possibly contains some form of malware, although this has not been confirmed as the clerk's office has advised against opening the attachment. Lindenthal went on to describe the process in which legitimate emails will be sent. "When a person is selected for Park County jury duty and their term begins, I send e-mails regarding trial reporting dates. These select folks have filled out a Questionnaire prior to getting my e-mails and know that they’re on jury duty. I do not attach any documents to the juror notification e-mails from our office." In short this means that you will not be contacted by the District Court via email unless you have already been entered into the jury pool and have received by conventional mail a notice beforehand. Patra Lindenthal went on to detail what a legitimate message would look like. "The information is in the body of the e-mail. I do not send anything as an attachment with those emails that go out to our potential jurors." If you receive one of these emails or are unsure that an email is indeed from the DIstrict Court it is suggested that you call the Park County District Court office at (527-8690 or 754-8690). Lindenthal would also like to remind residents that, "Any juror notifications from Park County District Court are from me – not some random person." #reboot #news