Local Scholarship Available

With the average cost of a 4 year degree at a private institution coming in around $176,000, your goal should be to apply for as many scholarships as you can! Look for local scholarships through your guidance counselor and through local businesses. Some businesses, such as Valley Federal Credit Union, are offering scholarships for Cody credit union members because they know every dollar counts. In addition to applying, the competition for scholarship dollars is fierce and students need to be organized and prepared to get the most funding. There is no exact recipe for scholarship success but there are tips that can keep you on the right path. - Be organized!! Missing deadlines is the worst reason to not receive a scholarship. Stay on top of the deadlines, gather all pertinent documents and make copies of everything you submit. - Start your scholarship search as early as possible. Many scholarships have deadlines well before the spring of a student’s senior year and most students don’t consider continuing to search for scholarships even after they are enrolled in college. - Be sure and use a free scholarship matching service. Choose a vendor that updates their database frequently and can email you if scholarships that match your profile are posted. In your search don’t overlook the smaller dollar amount scholarships. Large scholarships have the most competition and because of this your odds of being chosen can go down. This doesn’t mean you don’t have a shot at the biggies of course, but you can win multiple small scholarships that will have less competition and could total the amount of the big scholarship! By making smart choices and applying for scholarships where you have a 50% or more chance of winning, you’re making the most of your time investment. #vfcu #sponsored #reboot #news