Revered Shoshone Chief's cabin gets a second life in Cody

(Cody, Wyo.) - Chief Washakie, an iconic leader of the Eastern Shoshone Nation from the 1840s until his death in 1900, was a noted statesman, diplomat and orator. He was characterized as a great leader during a time when the Shoshones were experiencing great changes in their traditional way of life. [image: sdjf.PNG] *Above image was featured in the Washakie Photo Exhibit at the Trails Center in Casper, Wyoming.* While on a recent trip to Cody, Pitchengine Communities visited our friends at the Apple Jack Ranch, a local Bed and Breakfast off of the Southfork. While touring the property, we noted one very special cabin had an incredible amount of Western charm and beauty. [image: 0 (8).jpg] "Well that's Chief Washakie's cabin," said Johanna Vulpius, co-owner of Apple Jack Ranch. "My in-laws picked it up in 1989 from the reservation and it's been here ever since." Sure enough, with a tour through the cabin, we found the deed framed and hanging on the wall. It is signed by President Theodore Roosevelt and hangs inside the cabin next to second framed photo of Roosevelt. [image: 0 (6).jpg] Johanna's mother-in-law, Wanda Hunter, who also lives on the property is the owner of this cabin. "We went down to the Reservation and picked it up in 1989," she told Basin Reboot. "The Native American ladies didn't really want that cabin to leave. In fact, they were a little upset. The guy that sold it to us did so because he needed the money." She went on to to explain that they took it apart piece by piece, marking each one so they could put it back together correctly. [image: IMG_20160412_171707.jpg] *Above photo is Wanda Hunter, sitting outside of the cabin* "The women waved their eagle feathers and blessed it," Wanda explained. "Now I'm not sure whether or not this is a coinkydink, but when we picked it up, there were two eagles flying overhead. And then when we put it back together in Cody, there were two eagles flying again overhead." "It certainly is special. But really, it's just our home," Wanda added. [image: IMG_20160412_170243.jpg] [image: IMG_20160412_170258.jpg] *The house deed, signed by Theodore Roosevelt, is hanging in the current cabin. * #reboot #news