Gas BBQ the cause of yesterday's fire

(Cody, Wyo.) - Park County Fire District #2 Fireman, Russ Wenke told Basin Reboot that yesterday's fire was started by a gas BBQ which was located directly next to the house. The Fire Department got the call at 9:29 a.m. Wednesday morning for a report of smoke in the area which ended up being located at 629 11th Street, owned by Julia Harvey. A friend of the homeowner was doing some yardwork in the backyard and had started the grill. He began smelling plastic and noticed a fire underneath the bbq which ultimately caused the back of the house to catch fire. The bbq was completely destroyed and approximately 20 feet wide of paneling was destroyed on the outside of the home. Firemen was able to stop the fire before it got into the inside of the structure of the home; however, there is minor damage to part of the overhang and attic space. Fireman Russ Wenke reminds the community to move bbq grills away from your home. "Do not set it right up against the house," he added. "We see if far too often and it's an easy fix." The neighbor had some singed hair, but Wenke didn't know whether or not he went to the hospital. See more photos of yesterday's fire here . [image: 6bccef54-e57d-4017-9685-67cee2cb2163.jpg] #reboot #news