Meet local Lacrosse player, Matthew Esmay aka "Oscar"

(Cody, Wyo.) - Matthew Esmay, aka Oscar, grew up in South Dakota and began informally playing Lacrosse in 1999. Eventually, he went on to attend the University of South Dakota and was a talented Goalie for the University's Lacrosse team. His wife is a traveling nurse, and last year took a job here in Cody. Oscar began referring games for the local Lacrosse teams and quickly began offering his talent and skills as a custom stick maker and stringer to youth teams around the area. "I want to get good sticks into the hands of as many kids as possible," Oscar told Basin Reboot. "I started stringing my own sticks in college out of necessity, and as youth programs have grown over the past few years, it's become an asset for kids to have high-quality equipment." [image: IMG_20160413_170746.jpg] DD Champlin, Secretary of the Cody Warriors Lacrosse Club said, "Oscar has come to the rescue for us so many times. We had a tournament last weekend, and Oscar came along and helped us re-string a stick during one of the games." She added, "He's a huge asset to our organization, and we don't want him to leave." Oscar and his family have plans to leave Cody in August to continue pursuing his wife's career as a traveling nurse. "We're heading to Florida and Alaska next," Oscar told us. His passion for the sport of Lacrosse is evident through his actions and words. "There's a real bond among everyone in the Lacrosse community. We all support each other, and it's like a family." Oscar has a small business making custom Lacrosse sticks called Dakota Dyes. Check out some of Oscar's custom sticks here . You can contact him via and 605-728-3834. Basin Reboot will be highlighting our youth Lacrosse teams in a story soon to follow. [image: 12985396_1771849876385107_1228867850668391087_n.jpg] *Above photo: Oscar is working on a goalie stick for "an awesome little dude who has to sit the year out because of some serious injuries but still comes to practice everyday!"* *Feature photo: Matthew Esmay, aka "Oscar" holds three custom sticks. The two on the right are made to emulate the traditional sticks used by Native Americans in the 17th Century when Lacrosse first originated. The stick on the left was dyed and strung by Oscar as well. * #reboot #news