Vehicle stalls and "hot temper" ensues

This evening around 8:30 p.m. Basin Reboot heard reports of activity at the Mobile Gas Station on Yellowstone Ave. across from Cassie's. Upon arrival, Basin Reboot witnessed two police vehicles as well as one highway patrol vehicle on scene. We saw one man standing with a police officer near the man's vehicle which was off of the road and stopped on the embankment of the Mobile Gas Station property. After about five minutes, the gentleman was escorted into the police officer's vehicle. Police Officer Rayna Wortham told Basin Reboot that a car locked up and the party had a "hot temper." She could not comment on any further details nor explain why the man was escorted into the police vehicle. As the police car escorting the gentleman drove away, a bystander yelled "I love you Chris." Shortly thereafter, a tow truck arrived and began the process of towing the vehicle. #reboot #news