One of the Belfry triple murder victims purchased ammunition used in killings

(Belfry, MT) - The man accused of murdering three people in Belfry last week is seen on surveillance video shopping for the ammunition with his wife before he allegedly used it to kill her, KTVQ reports . New charging documents filed Wednesday against Robert “Jim” Lecou, 39, in Carbon County District Court now include a felony charge of tampering with evidence in addition to three counts of deliberate homicide. Karen Hill-LeCou, her sister Sharon Hill-Lamb, and Hill-Lamb's husband, Lloyd Lamb, were all found dead in a Belfry home last week. Authorities allege LeCou shot the victims several times, executing them each with a gunshot to the head before fleeing to Washington state. LeCou was arrested northwest of Spokane in Nine Mile Falls early Friday morning. When investigators confronted LeCou about the murders, he reportedly appeared unaffected by the news of his wife’s death and said a home intruder must have carried out the killings. LeCou, who had been living at the residence with the three victims for the past month, said he left Belfry for Washington around noon on Tuesday. He told investigators that there was a 9mm handgun stored in a back bedroom of the home and theorized that a stranger must have gone in after he left to shoot the victims. A son of Lamb told investigators that all firearms had been removed from the home some time ago because Lloyd Lamb had been showing signs of dementia. The gun described by LeCou was never found in the home and never recovered from the scene. LeCou’s mother told investigators that her son arrived at her home in Nine Mile Falls unexpectedly around 5 a.m. Upon arriving at her house, the woman said her son asked her to wash some of his clothes. A friend of LeCou admitted to investigators that LeCou had requested that he buy ammunition for him, but later said he no longer needed help. LeCou was not permitted to own or operate a firearm because he is a convicted felon. The friend told police he was aware LeCou was involved in a first-degree murder investigation in Texas for the beating death of a homeless man. LeCou was ultimately convicted of aggravated assault in that case. After authorities obtained a search warrant for the Belfry home and recovered 9mm shell casings in the front yard. Detectives also recovered shell casings from a bag covered in blood that had been discarded in the dumpster. Two empty ammunition boxes were discovered in the garage of the home. Investigators also recovered a receipt indicating that Karen Hill-LeCou had purchased the ammunition on March 16 from the Cabela’s store in Billings. Authorities reviewed the surveillance footage from the store on the date printed on the receipt and saw LeCou and his wife shopping together. Store records indicate that Hill-LeCou purchased the two boxes of ammunition that were ultimately used to kill her and her family. LeCou was still listed as an inmate in the Spokane County Jail on Thursday. Read more from KTVQ here. #reboot #news