Ted Cruz: Wyoming is great about hitting what you aim at

(Casper, Wyo.) - Presidential-hopeful Republican candidate Ted Cruz spoke to a crowd of Republicans at the Parkway Plaza this morning. "I am thrilled to be here with so many patriots when our country is in a low point. This election, I want to focus on three things: jobs, freedom, and security," said Cruz. "The heart of our economy is small business across the country, and that is what we should focus on, the small businesses." "If I am elected, I will repeal every word of Obamacare and pass common sense healthcare reform, keeping the government out of the relationship between doctors and their patients," he continued. Cruz earned a cheer from the crowd as he stated: "We, as a country, will abolish the IRS, and citizens will one day file their taxes on a simple postcard." He also aims to rein in the EPA, as he compared the regulators to pests and joked that, "We cannot use pesticides on them like we do with pests." The Texas Senator also noted the war on coal. He commented that the war on coal has been taking place for the last seven years, and said that he feels Hillary Clinton is "fundamentally wrong on her attack against coal." To a standing ovation of supporters, Cruz stated: "I give you my word, we will end the war of on coal in Wyoming and in America. America is the Saudi Arabia of coal. We are blessed with unbelievable energy resources in America that provide jobs, millions of jobs for Americans, without the knuckleheads in Washington stopping them." Cruz questioned: "Why on earth is the federal government the largest land lord in America? As president, I will lead the effort to bring federal lands back to the states and the people." "As for freedom, I will not compromise your liberty or your Second Amendment rights. Just as Texas, Wyoming is great about hitting what they aim at, and we aim to win this election." Then he moved to discuss the security of our country. "We must secure the borders end welfare for those here illegally," he said. "I see millions and millions of high paying jobs, wages rising again, young people coming out of school with hopes and dreams of finding their dream job, and I see America being great again. I aim to rebuild our military so it becomes the mightiest force on Earth and we will utterly destroy ISIS." Cruz concluded: "Across the country and Wyoming, we are seeing the Republican party join together, and we have to come together and stand as one. If we stand together united and come together united, we will win this election, we will beat Hillary Clinton, and we will turn this county around." #reboot #news