#WyoStrong: Moving beyond the Oil Field - Cody man follows passion for cars and community

Mitch Bruce is a Cody native and has always considered this community home. Although he moved around a bit throughout his childhood, hopping from Wyoming to Washington to Montana, Cody was where he knew he belonged. After meeting his wife, Gina at the age of 20, they tried settling down in Roundup, Montana, her hometown where she worked as a ______ and Mitch started his own detailing service, Speed Shine Auto Detailing . However, times were tough and business wasn't thriving. So in 2014 Mitch began working in the Oil Fields as a floor hand, which included everything from rolling out pipe to scrubbing floors. One of his favorite jobs was catching pipe. "It was an adrenaline rush to look up at all the links of pipe standing ready to be stabbed back in hole," he recounted. "The men on my crew were all very supportive. They always had my back and taught me a lot." Mitch said, "Working on the rigs was an adventure, and one I loved. Mostly it taught me dedication which fuels me every day in my current business." When the oil bust hit, Mitch lost his job. "It was tough and I miss it, but it was also a blessing in disguise because I love cars and I knew I could turn my passion into a successful business." Still living in Montana, Mitch found himself traveling frequently to Wyoming, especially Cody, for jobs. At first he didn't mind the drive, but expenses added up quickly and trips increased. So in the Fall of 2015 Mitch and Gina, along with their new baby boy, decided they'd move to Cody and continue to grow the business there. [image: 13000507_287430824922121_370436613_o.jpg] "We've always known the people of Cody are very dedicated and trustworthy," Mitch expressed. "That was one of the main reasons we knew we could make the move. We were confidant we'd thrive here because the people of Cody are loyal." Mitch noted the incredible support the community gave to his family when they moved. "Friends reached out and offered us a place to stay. The county gave me a part time job to supplement my income," he said. "The amount of support the community gave us, and continues to give us, helps me to thrive in business and in life." Speed Shine continues to grow every day. Services offered include Car Detailing, Commercial and Residential Cleaning, and Plastydit for vehicles. Mitch said, "One thing that sets me a part from others is Speed Shine services are mobile and we're flexible." Mitch will come to your home or place of work to save the customer time and energy. [image: 12969265_287444828254054_336829974_n.jpg] "I love what I do, and I'm very serious about it, but I don't do it for the money," Mitch explained. "I get paid by the satisfaction on my customer's faces. Their smile is my reward." Mitch currently has one part time employee, but hopes to hire additional employees in the future as the business expands. Mitch expressed, "Cody has done so much for me. The people here have always had my back just like my co-workers did on the rigs." To show his appreciation and as a way of giving back, Mitch and his family will be hosting an event called *"Speed Shine's Hot Rod 'N Roll" *in early August. There will be vehicles, music, food and fun for the entire community of Cody. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Autism Speaks , a foundation that he and his wife are big supporters of as his wife is a caretaker of three children with Autism. Mitch added, "In Cody, and Wyoming in general, there are more people here who want to see you thrive than see you fall down. I'm dedicated to bringing that same reliable, mobile business with dedication to Cody." Check out Speed Shine Auto Detailing on facebook and their website . Mitch can be reached at 406-850-7621. [image: Untitled design.png] #reboot #news #wyostrong