Woman could face fine, appearance in front of judge for YNP bison petting incident

(Yellowstone National Park) - The incident of a woman attempting to pet a bison on opening day in Yellowstone National Park remains under investigation by law enforcement, according to officials. According to Q2 News Park Public Affairs spokeswoman Amy Bartlett confirmed Tuesday law enforcement is still investigating the incident but it is not clear if the woman in the video has been identified. Her actions broke park law, Bartlett said, and the woman could face a fine or more. “It’s hard to say,” Bartlett said. “When you harass wildlife, you could face a citation or a mandatory appearance in front of a federal magistrate.” The judge could then decide punishment. In the park, regardless of location, visitors must adhere to a 25 yard minimum distance from wildlife. “We don’t restrict animal movements in the parks,” Amy Bartlett said. “You still need to keep the minimum distance.” That means even in walking path areas where the bison sat near Old Faithful Lodge. Saturday, the day the incident occurred, was opening day for visitors. Since then, there have not been any other reported incidents, Bartlett said. In 2015, five people were gored by bison, and four required Life-Flight for their injuries. “This woman is extremely lucky. We can’t explain why he didn’t get up,” Bartlett said. “His tolerance level hasn’t been tested in quite a few months.” Bartlett reminded visitors to report incidents like the one on Saturday immediately. “Call 911 and report to the interagency communications center,” she said. WATCH VIDEO HERE . #reboot #news #buckrail