BREAKING: Cody cat dies of plague; Third case this year

(Cody, Wyo.) - It has been confirmed that a cat died and was tested positive for plague yesterday at Advanced Vet Care in Cody. Carl Musgrave, State Public Health Veterinary told Basin Reboot, "It's not all that unusual. We know [plague] is in the rodent population all over the state. Our department has worked on three cases of cats with plague already this year." He confirmed that all three of those cases are from the same area of Cody. "These were outdoor cats that hunted," Musgrave added. They're still working on tracking down the exact area this occurred around Cody. We spoke with local Veterinarian, Erin Peterson who explained plague as a "bacterial infection." She said animal owners can help avoid this issue by taking flea and tick preventative measures very seriously. "Fleas can transmit this infection from rodents to another animal or person. Animals can also get it directly from another infected animal." Learn more about the plague through the Center for Disease Control here . *Feature photo: Cat via Pixaby. Not the referenced cat in this article. /