Filming of 'All We've Lost' continues; Filmmakers awarded Catapult Documentary Film grant

(Cody, Wyo.) - Local filmmaker Preston Randolph and his brother Garrett Randolph continue to work on the film documentary, "All We've Lost " which covers the historical Barry Beach Montana murder case. Since we last spoke with Randolph , there have been some exciting developments with regard to the case and the films' production. After spending more than three decades locked up for a murder he says he didn't commit, Barry Beach became a free man in November of 2015. Beach, 53, was released from the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge after Gov. Steve Bullock granted his request for clemency according to Q2 News . The Randolph brothers were right there alongside Barry Beach when he was released from prison and covered the momentous event as it happened. Preston recounted, "It was a very historical moment." [image: 12002424_522113584617966_6568336980808986276_o 2.jpg] In January of this year, All We've Lost was chosen as one of 7 films to be awarded the Catapult Documentary Film grant which is an international documentary funding platform and only supports a select number of films each year. Randolph told Reboot: "We are very hard at work on the film and expect a release sometime in early 2017." You can follow the film's progress All We've Lost website , facebook page . Learn more about other work at Cactus Productions via their website and facebook page . *Feature photo: Shooting footage inside Montana State Prison in early 2015.* *Photo courtesy of Mike Vanata* #reboot #news