Living in the Basin is 'A slice of heaven;' Get to know local photographer Michelle Olsen

(Otto, Wyoming) - You may not recognize her on the street, since she lives in Otto (population 50), but chances are you have seen a few of her unique and beautiful photos like this: [image: 12190985_10205937041999298_6305784498736113486_n.jpg] *h/t Michelle Olsen / Pitchengine Communities* [image: 85f72ca5-693e-4cac-aa19-ee82127c7b8a.png] *h/t Michelle Olsen / Pitchengine Communities* This is Michelle Olsen, or Michelle Olsen Photography , moved to the Big Horn Basin in 1979 after getting married. Although she moved away for a bit to raise her kids, she has always considered the Big Horn Basin "home." "The people here are so friendly and laid back; I love the hometown feel," she said. "There are so many perks to living in the country. The solitude, scenery and the ability to literally drive 1/2 mile and I'm in complete darkness which is prime for night photography! Living here is a slice of heaven to me!" Olsen grew up in Lander and when she moved to Otto she spent time in law enforcement field as a dispatcher and jailer. In 2010 she became interested in photography, and bought her first DSLR camera in 2011. Olsen had never studied photography, but she credits her skills to many hours watching youtube videos and self teaching. A big part of her passion is working with other photographers from around the Bighorn Basin. "I've met some great folks who share the same passion in photography as I do." She added, "We all strive to compliment and uplift each other's work. Everyone of us has a unique perspective when it comes to seeing through the lens of our cameras, all the way to the post processing of our images. Sure there are a lot of photographers in the area. But each of us offers something different." [image: 12047163_896381960447997_3215982171331672376_n.png] *h/t Michelle Olsen / Pitchengine Communities* Michelle works for the after school program in Otto, and also has her own photography business. By the end of this summer she'll have done 6 weddings. She loves night photography and sunsets, but her true passion is Engagements, Senior Portraits and Themed sessions. "Photography is a stress reliever and I'm always learning," she said. "I make mistakes, but ultimately I'm proud of my work." Michelle will often do sessions for free. "I'm just so willing to give to people; I love working with each and every person, and I do my very best for them." [image: 10462965_670207203065475_1113585134445542821_n.png] *h/t Michelle Olsen / Pitchengine Communities* Michelle noted her friend and fellow photographer Greg Wise enjoy working together. The two of them birthed the Beauty of the Big Horn Basin page on Facebook which profiles photos of the Big Horn Basin that are submitted by many talented folks. In the future, Michelle hopes to continue her passion of photography as well as pursue some storm chasing in Tornado country. She recently attended a storm chasing class in Riverton. See more of Olsen's work on her Facebook page and Instagram at @shellybelle4 . *Feature photo: h/t Michelle Olsen / Pitchengine Communities* #reboot #news