Shoshone River Farm in the full swing of spring

(Cody, Wyo.) - Last week we learned about an exciting collaboration between the City of Cody and Shoshone River Farm. Starting May 1st, the City of Cody will deliver its collected green waste to the Shoshone River Farm for composting . The city is saving the cost of dumping the green waste in the Park County land fill, and is getting that green waste recycled and used. We caught up with the the folks at Shoshone River Farm , and by no surprise, they're very busy this time of year. Owner and operator, Scott Richard alongside his volunteer and friend, Elijah Cobb, took some time to show us around the farm and share a few good eats. [image: 0.jpg] Founded in 2009, Shoshone River Farm is a bio-friendly Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) co-op based in Cody. They currently have 40 members signed up for a weekly subscription/distribution of Spring Greens starting May 4th. They also supply produce to five Cody restaurants and sell at three Farmers Markets. He also delivers to several organizations in Billings, Red Lodge, Bozeman, Sheridan and very soon Casper. Scott has been planting and growing all his life. "It's just inside of me," he said when asked where he gets his talent and passion. "This is what I was meant to do." With the many challenges facing Wyoming growers, including unpredictable weather conditions and pests, Richard continues to innovate and defy the odds of being a successful gardener in northern Wyoming. Shoshone River Farm sits on about 5 acres of land just a few miles outside of Cody. You can't miss it on the right hand side. High stacks of hay bails line the farm which protects the 2.5 acres of plants from that notorious desiccating Wyoming wind. [image: 0 (1).jpg] SRF encompasses 10 standing hoop houses with one in the works. Inside each house you’ll find a variety of plants, including Choi, Broccoli, Lettuce, Potatoes, and Radishes to name a few. The Farm actually grows more than 50 varieties of vegetables and herbs. Raw water was just turned on last week. "We're actually really lucky to have the water supply that we do here in Cody," Richard explained. The main water source includes the irrigation water from the Buffalo Bill Reservoir via the Heart Mountain Irrigation canal. “Most of our plants will now be watered with untreated agricultural water." [image: water 33.JPG] Shoshone River Farm's overall goal is to help sustain the people who live, work and play in our community. Scott said, "In the 40's and 50's, the Bighorn Basin used to grow 40-50% of its own food. Nowadays we only grow 4-5% of our own food." Shoshone River Farm is working to change that. Their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) will begin May 4th. Learn more about that here . You can also connect with Shoshone River Farm at the 12th Annual Home and Garden Expo on May 7 in Powell. They’ll have a large selection of bedding plants that folks can purchase for growing at home. Plant seedlings are also available at the Farm on Saturdays in May, 14th, 21st and 28th. Scott invites anyone out to the farm to see the operation, learn about the growing process and pick up plants. Folks can also bring out leaves and other green waste to donate towards composting operations. Scott is also in need of a good tractor or skid steer or similar heavy equipment for moving and turning large compost piles. [image: 4347e354-85f7-4663-9ddb-ca98d90aa88c.jpg] [image: f8dfcc83-3638-42ec-a3a5-77abc6f7c7ff.jpg] [image: 60e7b1d3-deff-4d0a-a2bf-9ad69311e675.jpg] #reboot #news