Bison struck and killed outside of Yellowstone; How can we prevent these?

(Yellowstone) - This week, a bison was struck and killed by a vehicle outside of West Yellowstone on Highway US 191. We reached out to Shana Dunkley, the Greater Yellowstone Coalition Wildlife Program Associate who said unfortunately this is an all too common occurrence in this area. "This is a major corridor area for bison (and other wildlife) so they are often struck by vehicles as they cross through this area from the Park to reach their calving grounds and spring foraging areas on Horse Butte." Dunkley went on, "We would like to see a wildlife crossing go in along here. This would benefit not only bison and many other wildlife species including grizzly bears, but also people as this is a serious public safety issue." The Greater Yellowstone Coalition recently submitted comments to the Montana Department of Transportation strongly recommending that they consider wildlife mitigation measures along this stretch through the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) process. #reboot #news