Did you hear? The Cone Zone has a new 'cool' location

(Basin, Wyo.) - When the temperature rises, we’ve got only one thing on our minds: ice cream! You've probably seen the Ice Cream Shop on wheels at rodeos, county fairs and schools. Now, the Cone Zone has a permanent location in Basin. The new locale has a great nostalgic feel and cheery atmosphere. If anyone needs help picking out goodies, Robin Zorn, co-owner will gladly steer you to their best seller, the famous Avalanche. They also have House Shakes where you can make your own flavor combo and the waffle cone that can be loaded with any one of 18 hard ice cream flavors. [image: received_10207132090794771.jpeg] Zorn, having lived out east before moving to Wyoming, led a very busy life not only as a mom to 3 kids but also juggling the life as a TV producer in New York City with her own production company RZTV Productions. “I worked for numerous shows and networks, including Good Morning America, MTV, NBC Sports to name a few." "It all seems a very long time ago now,” Zorn went on to say. When asked what brought her to Wyoming she said she came out to Wyoming to ride at a ranch. She loved it so much she came back and stayed. [image: 13090539_10207132087074678_2036025279_n.jpg] Several years ago, Zorn along with her boyfriend Bryan Williams acquired the Cone Zone truck that was their Ice Cream Shop on wheels. They attended various events in the Big Horn Basin such as rodeos, county fairs and schools. This summer will be a packed one where the Cone Zone truck will once again be on the road with some added events such as Brew fest and Summer Fest at Antelope Butte. [image: received_10207132090594766.jpeg] After careful thought, both Zorn and Williams wanted to make a permanent location for their Ice Cream business. This is where The Cone Zone located at 609 So 4th St was birthed. Zorn says, being consistent with her hours and advertising have helped her business flourish. She has 5 part time employees who are highly trained and ready to greet the public with a smile each and every day. #olsen #reboot #news #springcity #dally