Have you seen the new billboard on Big Horn Avenue?

(Cody, Wyo) - Have you seen the billboard? It's on Big Horn Avenue in Cody and in large white letters says "Wolf Griz Delist Hunt. Scott Weber, owner of the billboard told Basin Reboot, "my intent with the billboard is a 'Call To Action' to delist and then hunt wolves and grizzly. Currently, there is a comment period for folks in the community to voice their opinion on the delisting of the grizzly. Weber said "This is my opinion and the SFW’s opinion loud and clear." Weber is Basin Co-Chairman of SFW – Wyoming Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife, and SFW is a lobby association for not only Wyoming sportsmen, but non-resident hunters as well. Weber says he has a one year contract with Lamar, and the billboard will rotate out to the West Strip, on the Belfry Highway across from 2AB Road, and finally near the airport and the Meeteese Highway. He also hopes to rotate it out to Wapiti where he lives. "The cost was nearly $10,000 for the year contract," he said. "When the grizzlies are delisted at the end of 2016 as the Wyoming Game & Fish and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service predicted in their Cody April grizzly hearings, then I will change the sign to promote the wolf delisting and hunting solely. And yes, there will be a photo of a dead wolf (gasp!)." "I have received an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the billboard," he said. "I have a gun store downtown by the Irma, so we’ve had scores of people coming in this week. I have heard from people clear back to the East Coast and as far out as CA. Donations are pouring in to SFW." He continued, "We will achieve delisting and hunting for both the grizzly and wolf. The grizzly and wolf represent the ultimate trophy of the Lower 48. Both are three times over their recovery numbers. I live on the North Fork and I see grizzly and wolves on a regular basis. I must carry large caliber firearms whenever I walk across my ranch and darn sure when I go up into the bordering National Forest to hike or hunt. I like that grizzly and wolves are around, but their numbers are too big for the safety of residents, their pets and livestock. Last year 79 grizzlies were relocated by the feds." "This billboard has already in four days accomplished all of my goals. 361 days left to further the message! I could not be more pleased. I think I’ll put up another one with a similar message!" #reboot #news