Cody's 'Coast to the Future Bike Tour' up South Fork: A local community ride for a local community mentoring program

(Cody, Wyo.) - Coming up in July, Cody will host the 6th Annual Coast to the Future Bike Tour to benefit Cody’s Bright Futures Mentoring Program. The full riding route – totaling about 60 miles – will be out the lower South Fork Highway to the Twin Creek Trailhead. But riders can choose to go just as far – or short- a distance on the ride as they wish. “People don’t have to go that far – they can turn around anywhere on the route for kind of an out and back, or they can take the loop on the lower South Fork,” said Jerry Hager of Cody, who serves on the Bright Futures Mentoring Board. Riders of all skill levels are encouraged to try out the route and enjoy the community aspect of the ride. The cost of the ride is $75 for each rider. Because of the generous donations of the ride’s community sponsors, which covered the cost of the ride, all of the registration dollars from every participant will go straight into Cody’s Bright Future’s Mentoring Program. Bright Futures Mentoring is a local non-profit that provides a unique program for Cody kids age K-18. Each month they touch over 250 lives in a variety of programs which include one-on-one mentoring adult to child, High School mentors mentoring elementary students, Self-esteem events for 5th and 6th grade boys and girls that teach healthy relationships, and being part of community. [image: 0 (1).jpg] "We believe in showing by example of how youth can pay it forward," said Hager. "We have 7th and 8th grade girls returning to help with self-esteem events. Some NWC rodeo students are now mentors." She added, "All mentors are volunteers. Many of our High School mentors were mentees themselves, or participated in self-esteem program." She shared one of their high school volunteers said, "I like giving back and helping those younger than me." Below are the details of the Coast to the Future Bike Ride Fundraiser: - *Who:* Bikers of All Ages - *When:* July 30, 2016 - *Where:* Starting at Boot and Bottle Club - 69 Southfork Road in Cody - *Why:* Raise money to support BFM programs - *Cost:* $75.00 (minimum registration fee) - *Bonus: *SAG stations, Mechanical Assistance, A delicious post ride meal, t-shirt and MORE! Bright Futures Mentoring will use the funds from the Coast to the Future to go toward their community mentors’ training, to support the organization’s small staff who run the program, to fund fun activities for the mentors and children, to develop and enhance existing and new programs (like their “self esteem” focus mentoring for middle schoolers) and more. [image: 0.jpg] Another very cool thing about Bright Futures Mentoring: *It started in Cody,* and it continues to be original and unique to Cody. “This organization is grassroots to Cody,” Hager said. “Some very visionary ladies here in Cody began it when, about 13 years ago, they envisioned this idea and got it going. It doesn’t exist anywhere else. It’s totally Cody, and totally local.” To register, call Jerry Hager at 307-272-4059 or visit the Bright Futures Mentoring Site to download the registration form [image: ldkfjsdlfn.JPG] *Feature photo: Werner Noesner; youth rider; Eileen Scott at a past Coast to Future Ride. h/t Jerry L. Hager / Pitchengine Communities* #sponsored #reboot #news #whatshappening