Cody Tiger spring training begins

Cody T-ball’s Tigers began their spring training Tuesday evening. The 6-and-under team has a strong line-up of eight players. Most are in their rookie year, but the couple of experienced ones kept everyone running the bases in the right direction. [image: 20160503_175126.jpg] Sibling coaches Jessica Hill and Jacob Kraft began practice with a game of tag. Two players were given a ball and had to tag their teammates to freeze them. Practice also included an introduction to the names of the bases, throwing the ball and what to call your mitt. Each player also took a few turns at bat. [image: 20160503_173656.jpg] The fans turned out hoping to see their favorite players. There were no injuries, but a lot of grass picking and throwing. Practice ended with a much anticipated snack of ice-cold water, apple slices and an orange. [image: 20160503_171924.jpg] [image: 20160503_180259.jpg] T-ball games start the week of May 9. #wilson #reboot #news