Mayor Brown will not seek third term

(Cody, Wyo.) - Mayor Nancy Tia Brown recently announced that she will not seek a third term as Mayor. "This was a very difficult decision, but I feel like it's time," Brown told Reboot after last night's City Council meeting. "I believe change is healthy as it always brings new ideas." Brown says she's worked hard these past eight years as Mayor. "It's definitely a full time job." Prior to serving as Mayor, she spent two years on City Council and six years on the Cody School Board. "I love my community," she said. "I'm confident in the strong council we have right now." Brown certainly isn't slowing down just yet. She still has eight months left in her current term, and she assured us she'll be "working hard everyday between now and January." As far as her future plans after she steps down as Mayor, Brown is looking forward to refocusing on her business, Big Horn Gallery and spending more time with her family. "I'm a participator, not a spectator," Brown said. "I'm sure I'll get involved in something else, I just don't know what that is yet." Anyone interested in running for Mayor must file between May 12-27. #reboot #news