Beck Lake Mountain Bike Trails are complete; Pump Track coming this fall

(Cody, Wyo.) - Within the past few weeks, the construction of about 10 miles of mountain bike trails was completed at Beck Lake Trail System. It was a joint effort between Park County Pedalers, City of Cody, Bureau of Land Management, Shoshone Recreation District and the State of Wyoming Recreational Trails Program. John Gallagher with Park County Pedalers, says "Now that the weather is getting nice there's been a great turnout on the trails." He saw about 20 cars out there on Monday night. [image: Untitled design (11).png] Last Friday, a group of about 40 students from Thermopolis Middle School came out to enjoy the trails. Travis Bomengen of the Thermopolis Middle School said, "The kids had a great time and the course is wonderful. It was a perfect way to end our bike unit in the new Life Skills PE program." The mountain bike park is free and open to the public. Gallagher added, "The park is great place to learn and enjoy mountain biking on natural terrain." Later this year there will be maps and signage added to the trails. To learn more visit and [image: 13000369_1214695115207589_8490627747641192179_n.jpg] In addition to the current 10 miles of trail, Gallagher and team are working on plans to build a Pump Track later this year. "We have the funding and a contractor, but our biggest hurdle right now is a viable land use agreement with the City of Cody," he said. "We're hopeful that the Pump Track will be completed by Fall 2016." Gallagher explained what a pump track is. Basically it's about a half acre sized bike park build on fairly level ground, and is composed of rollers and bermed corners. A biker uses an up and down 'pumping' motion instead of pedaling. "It's very low cost to build, and a lot of fun!" Pump Tracks are great for honing skills, practicing balance, and improving confidence on the bike. They are safe and fun to ride for all ages and skill levels. Learn more about the trail system and Park County Pedalers on facebook or their website. *Feature photo: Mountain Biker on Beck Lake Trail System / Pitchengine Communities* #reboot #news #whatshappening