Something is abuzz at Bumble Bee Soup Design in Lovell!

(Lovell, Wyo.) - About four years ago, Jennifer Snell moved from Eugene,Oregon to Lovell, Wyoming because her husband was very ill and wanted to be with his family. She works part time at the Lovell Police Department, and last year participated in the Biggest Loser's affiliate show, Extreme Makeover with Chris Powell, where she successfully lost 160 pounds. Snell’s husband being terminally ill, prompted her need to work full time. "I've always had a passion for re-purposing and finding the beauty in used or discarded things," Snell said. "Now is the perfect time to ignite and follow that passion." [image: 2d61f33e-310c-40c0-a34a-d275a23718d5.png] Snell attributes her skill and passion to her grandmother Dixie Lee. "She taught me to find the beauty in discarded things and to look for only the best quality." Jennifer continued, "It evoked emotion and wonder in my little mind and unbeknownst to my grandma, a passion sparked inside me that would eventually grow into a business." Bumble Bee Soup Design is a specialty shop with the goal of bringing the past to life again with Re-Purposed, Up-Cycled, Re-Invented, Hand Painted, Custom Furniture and unique Home Decor. Kate Allred, Snell's business partner, moved from San Francisco, California to Lovell Wyoming with her husband due to her husband’s mother being ill. Allred is already a successful business owner of Code Red Tactical, getting its start in Lovell, WY and now with 2 locations in Lovell and Billings! She spent 5 years getting that business going with her husband and now is starting down a new venture doing something she has always wanted to do! In her spare time, she works with her horses on their ranch. Bumble Bee Soup Design will soon begin shipping all over the United States in addition to their local shop in Lovell. "It's exciting and crazy all at the same time," Jennifer said. We hope to have a shipping warehouse where we can help create jobs here locally. [image: c0374e5b-a779-44e4-81cb-1bed599c3d96.jpg] The name Bumble Bee Soup Design certainly sparks curiosity. Jennifer explained, "According to aerodynamics, a bumblebee's shape in reference to its wings span makes it impossible for him to fly. But you see here is the problem: no one told that to the bumblebee so he goes ahead and flies a little every day!" She continued, "This analogy goes along with my life. I tend to go against the grain and try the impossible at times. Who would have thought two woman from Lovell WY could create such a store with a terminally ill husband and another business to run, kids, horses, dogs and life! We hope to stir emotion, and bring people a positive and uplifting experience." Bumble Bee Soup Design will be having their *Grand Opening* this Mother's Day weekend on *May 7th at 10 a.m.* #reboot #news #whatshappening