Eastbound driver was attempting a u-turn

(Cody, Wyo) - We have an update on yesterday's crash on Hwy 14A at mile marker 7. State Trooper Rich Scovel told Reboot this afternoon that a Chevy Blazer traveling West bound and a Ford Mustang traveling Eastbound collided due to an improper U-turn. Scovel said the driver of the mustang missed his turnoff, pulled over, thought he had enough room, and attempted a U-turn. The driver of the blazer, who said her cruise control was set at 70mph, hit the mustang. The female driver of the blazer was not ejected as previously reported via scanner traffic. She was however not wearing her seatbelt due to a previous equipment malfunction. The car rolled and the driver was thrown into the passenger seat. She crawled out and upon standing up, fainted. Trooper Scovel said the driver was taken to the hospital and would likely be treated for her injuries and released. The driver of the mustang was cited for an improper U-turn. Trooper Scovel said the newly posted speed limit of 70mph does not appear to have been a factor in this accident. #reboot #news