BREAKING: Cows Shot and Killed; Information Sought

(Powell, Wyo.) – On Wednesday, May 4th at 3:54 p.m., the Park County Sheriff’s communications center received a report of two cows being shot and killed at 221 Lane 9. A sheriff’s deputy was immediately dispatched. Upon arrival the deputy met with the owner of the cows, James Allen Beavers, age 69. Beavers led the deputy to the location of the dead cows approximately one mile to the east of his residence and approximately 75 yards down a slope across a fence north of Lane 9. Both animals had what appeared to be a bullet hole and exit wound from a small caliber round. Beavers advised that he had last seen the cows alive when he took a head count and fed them on Monday May 2nd between 10 a.m. and noon. He said he did not see the cows the next day and assumed that the two which had been shot, just decided not to come up for feeding. It is unclear where the cows were when they were shot, but it is believed that they were either on the slope near Lane 9 where they had been shot from the road and walked to where they ended up, or they were closer to where they were found and shot by someone walking through the meadow. Anyone with information leading to the person or persons who shot these animals is asked to contact the Park County Sheriff’s Office communications center at 307-527-8700 or 307-754-8700. All information will remain confidential. #reboot #news