8 beautiful photos from Yellowstone's East Gate Opening Day!

(Cody, Wyo.) - The East Gate to Yellowstone opened Friday morning and Basin Reboot was there to catch the first car rolling through the gate. Watch that video here. Several readers were there as well and shared their photos from within Yellowstone National Park. Johanna Vulpius told Reboot that "It was very busy. The general store fishing bridge opened at 1:00 p.m. and it was packed." *1. Lower Falls *h/t Johanna Vulpius [image: 0 (6).jpg] *2. Buffalo in Yellowstone* h/t Stephanie Ferrell [image: 0 (12).jpg] *3. Sylvan Pass *h/t Johanna Vulpius [image: 0 (4).jpg] *4. Raven in Hayden Valley *h/t Johanna Vulpius[image: 0 (10).jpg] *5. Lake Hotel *h/t Johanna Vulpius [image: 0 (11).jpg] *6. Sylvan Lake *h/t Johanna Vulpius[image: 0 (8).jpg] *7. Yellowstone *h/t Stephanie Ferrell [image: 0 (15).jpg] *8. Wolf in Yellowstone *h/t Stephanie Ferrell [image: 0 (16).jpg] *Feature photo: At General Store in Yellowstone on East Gate's opening day / Pitchengine Communities* *Share your photos with Reboot here. * #reboot #news