Linton's Big R is gearing up for summer

Now's the time to get your yard shed stocked up for summer! With a fully stocked Lawn and Garden Supercenter, Linton's has one of the largest selections in the Big Horn Basin. Hoses, tillers, fertilizer and potting soil... There's a lot of tools and ingredients needed to get that 'Best yard on the block' award. Your Powell Linton's Big R has been a valuable member of the business community since 1960. Their focus has always been to provide their customers with low prices. To ensure that you all can take advantage of those savings, they have ordered their largest inventory ever! Now's the time to get your yard projects going while it's still cool out! Linton's Big R in Powell . 455 S. Absaroka St. 307-754-9521 #lintonsbigrpowell #sponsored #reboot #news