Tippet Rise Art Center to open summer 2016

(Fishtail, Montana) – Poised on the ridges and rolling fields where the Beartooth Mountains touch Montana’s big sky, the new Tippet Rise Art Center will open to the public this summer, offering local residents and international visitors a unique experience of classical music, nestled among sculptures and buildings that hug the land like natural formations. Founded by life-long philanthropists and artists Cathy and Peter Halstead, Tippet Rise celebrates the union of land, art, architecture and music, bringing concerts by world-renowned musicians and specially commissioned sculptural structures to an 11,500-acre working ranch outside Fishtail, Montana. [image: 13151725_873303732780101_3399463845487274828_n.jpg] The Tippet Rise Team / Tippet Rise facebook page Performance venues include the rustic-looking but acoustically ideal Olivier Barn, the open-air Tiara (a wooden acoustic shell of innovative design) and at a later date a performance space and installation called Tabula Acustica, designed to look as if it were sheltered by an outcropping of rock. Design concepts and acoustics were developed by Tippet Rise director Alban Bassuet in collaboration with a team of engineers from Arup, and under Domo, designed by Ensamble Studio. Alban Bassuet said, “During my years of working as a venue designer, I have seen a change in sensibility and aspiration in the concert world. Musicians, audiences, architects, and acousticians have all started to look for alternatives to physical configurations and performance formats. At Tippet Rise, we are meeting this desire by offering intimate, multi-sensory, and immersive performances in a range of indoor and outdoor performance venues matched with distinctive performers and spectacular natural settings. We hope this will create experiences that are deeply meaningful and utterly unique.” [image: two_column_604c4f96-fc8c-4f62-af4e-8186e998ce4c.jpg] The scale and proportions of the Olivier Barn were inspired by the powerful performance spaces where Haydn and Mozart expected their works would be performed. A contemporary innovation—a high ceiling suspended above the boxlike space—lends an elevated, ethereal character to the deeply resonant acoustics, but is designed to mimic the pitched roof of a traditional wood barn. The rustic modesty of this design helps to establish an informal atmosphere and dissolve the barrier between performers and audience. The 100-seat Tiara serves as a moveable acoustic shell without walls, featuring a partial ceiling whose cornersre-directsound toward the audience, creating vibrant and enveloping acoustics. The design allows for 360° views of the rolling hills, with the Beartooth Mountains above. Local timber craftsmen Gunnstock Timber Frames have served aslead architect forthe projects. Domo is one of Ensamble Studio’s quasi-architectural gateway structures and shelters for Tippet Rise, constructed of raw-surfaced concrete cast from the land, which rear up from the earth like primitive markers. [image: kdfnuew.JPG] Inverted Portal by Ensamble Studio, photo by Andre Costantini via Tippet Rise Instagram Cathy and Peter Halstead said, “Here on the last American frontier, in this setting of unmatched beauty, we want to restore a connection that has almost been forgotten in today’s cities, but that for centuries was the source of power and profundity in music, art and architecture—the link between elemental harmonies in nature and the hidden patterns in great art. We hope to make Tippet Rise Art Center a place where music and art ring true—for the performers and artists themselves, for our wonderful local community here in southern Montana and for visitors from around the globe. With the collaboration of our great project team and the participation of some of the world’s most extraordinary musicians, sculptors and architects, we look forward to welcoming the public and inaugurating our first performance season in summer 2016.” The first concert will be held *Friday, June 17*, at 6:30 pm. It will feature Nikolai Demidenko, on piano in a two-part recital to include a selection of waltzes and mazurkas by Chopin and the Ballade No. 1 and B minor Sonata of Liszt. Click here to view the full concert schedule. [image: lkdnfue.JPG] *Design for Tabula Acustica, by Ensamble Studio. Tabula Acustica is to be built at a later phase in the development of Tippet Rise.* Visit Tippet Rise to learn more about the venue, its artists, and tickets. *Feature photo: The Tiara Acoustic Shell, ready for Season One at Tippet Rise via Tippet Rise website .* #reboot #county10 #county17 #dally #shortgo #buckrail #springcity #oilcity #news