New exhibit highlights the history of Powell's barbers and beauty parlors

Powell- Inspired by a collection of vintage barber and beauty artifacts, Homesteader Museum celebrates barber shops and beauty salons in another new playful exhibit, Sideburns and Spit Curls: Untangling the Roots of Beauty, which opens Thursday, May 19 at 7 p.m. From early surgical bloodletting to fancy pompadours, barbering and hairdressing have seen many drastic changes over the centuries. The exhibit chronicles the fascinating history of barbering roots as well as highlights some of the torture-like devices women endured beautifying themselves. Through the re-creation of a local barber shop and beauty salon, the exhibit honors the history of Powell’s barbers and early beauty parlors. An exciting discovery helped create the beauty salon area of the exhibit. The museum was contacted by friends of Mary Nelson owner of the Powder Puff Beauty Salon from the 1920s-50s on Bent Street in Powell, who had been storing Nelson’s original mirror dresser for the last 55 years. Pictured in one of the only interior vintage salon photos in any area photo collections, this artifact creates the centerpiece for her shop’s replication. The highlight of the opening reception celebrates a shave that is making a comeback- the old fashioned straight razor cut. There will also be activities for children. #reboot #news