Grandma opens her 'home' to small quantity vendors

Many people dream of running their own retail shop. Artists who make amazing pallet wood signs, handmade jewelry or hand-painted pottery. Or, those who need to cull their collection of antique glassware, dolls, or books. Viola Tryon thought of those people as she began negotiating for her own small space. “I realized that there were many other people who would love to have retail space on Main street, but couldn’t afford the rent," she said. "I figured if we shared the rent, shared the utilities and shared the staffing, we could make it work.” The idea for Grandma’s Bazaar was born. Now, as Grandma’s has found its legs, Vi realized there was an audience who might be intimidated by the rent and inventory of a full booth space, but would find a short-term, inexpensive opportunity attractive. She found space for those vendors right here at the beginning of tourist season. “I wanted to find a way to include vendors who have great items to sell, but were unable to fill a large booth,” Vi said. “Items on most of the shelves are visible through the window, so they [the shelves] are filling quickly.” Grandma’s Bazaar is currently home to over 20 vendors whose inventory includes jewelry, home decor, antiques, vintage items, collectibles, handmade toys, clothing, vinyl records and more. Those interested in space at Grandma’s can stop by the shop at 1314 Sheridan. #wilson #reboot #news