"I loved the heart dissections," Powell student reported

(Riverton, Wyo.) - Powell High School's Brook Tucker was already on her way to a career in science, that of a veterinarian, so she said she took particular delight today's Women In Science day-long event at Central Wyoming College. "We've only dissected pig hearts in school, but today I had the opportunity to look at beef, pig, and lamb hearts, plus kidneys and lungs," she said during a lunch break at Rustler Gymnasium. Tucker, and 230 other girls in grades 7 through 12 from eight different schools in the Wind River and Big Horn basins gathered at the Riverton campus today for the annual conference, sponsored by the National Weather Service and Central Wyoming College. [image: Inline image 1] *Girls paid close attention to a crime scene investigation presentation by the FBI (Pitchengine Communities) * "Today is about showing the girls opportunities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers, said Katy Branham, a meteorologist at the NWS, who organized the event. "We have 10 speakers throughout the day and each girl goes to three different sessions. Topics covered during the day include Meteorology, Veterinary Science, Wildlife CSI by the Game and Fish, the Department of Agricultures food inspection service, the Wyoming Dinosaur Center on Paleontology, the City of Riverton, Bureau of Indian Affairs firefighting, the Wyoming State Crime Lab, the FBI, the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Department and an Architect. [image: Inline image 2] *The Wyoming Game and Fish had individual handouts on many career opportunities for women. (Pitchengine Communities) * Powell's Tucker will be heading to Thailand this summer for a veterinary internship program, said her proud teacher, Lenita Moore, who along with Wendy Smith, accompanied the girls on the trip. Two other PHS students, Claire Miner, said she is setting her sights on Medical School, and Hattie Pimentail, who hasn't decided on a career choice yet, but who's headed to college. "I thought this morning was pretty cool," Miner said. "I learned about the FBI and before today, I didn't consider them to be a science." [image: Inline image 3] *STEM programming for the Women In Science event was conducted, in part, in the CWC Health and Science Center at the Riverton Campus. (Pitchengine Communities) * Pimentail said she was impressed with the architectural session, which involved building towers with spaghetti and marshmallows. All three PHS girls said they like science and enjoyed today's sessions. Schools participating today included middle and high school girls from Powell, Riverside, Riverton, Wyoming Indian, Dubois, Lander, Pathfinder (Lander), and the Western Heritage Lutheran Academy (Riverton). #reboot, #news #springcity