"I'm a western artist and my inspiration is 360 degrees." - Kalyn Beasley on life, music and Cody

(Cody, Wyo.) - Kalyn Beasley, 28, was born and raised in Cody. He's a talented musician and artist who's passion for music, life experiences, and Cody, Wyoming is palpable. Kalyn recently finished recording his debut album, Northerner, and he's inviting the community to his CD release party/show on Thursday, May 19th at Joyvagen Bike Shop. We caught up with him this week to hear more about his passions and what had the opportunity to catch up with him to hear more about his passion and what drives him everyday. *Pitchengine Communities:* *When and how did your passion for music spark?* *Kalyn: *"My dad's dad played guitar and sang and was a cowboy, my dad sings and plays and is a cowboy and several of my close relatives on that side of the family are musical, so my background is full of people who played live music. I didn't begin playing guitar until I was 18. I had just finished my first year at Montana State in Bozeman. I chose to stay there and work to gain residency so my school was cheaper. All my friends went home for the summer so I didn't have a lot going on socially. I bought a pair of golf clubs and a cheap guitar. Basically those were the two things I wanted to learn and felt like I could do all by myself. That whole summer I worked a couple jobs, played golf and played guitar. I'm 28 now so I've been at it for 10 years." [image: 12990956_10153524240168321_882700788021333069_n.jpg] *Pitchengine Communities:* *Who or what inspires you musically and in life? * *Kalyn: *"I'm constantly inspired by my life experience. I'm a pretty honest songwriter and I have been working mostly in non-fiction. I used to write about the easiest thing to write about, which I believe is heart ache. Early on, I kept writing these songs, that I think are good songs, but they have a overall negative message. Once I stopped focusing on negative things, I steered more and more away from writing about the darker side of life. Songs are crazy; they can manifest in a weird way. Somebody once said, 'Be careful what you write, you might have to sing it for the rest of your life.' I want to write songs that uplift people or make people smile. That inspires me, too." [image: 12654365_10153936561394669_8004293859458438177_n.jpg] *Pitchengine Communities:* *Where do you see yourself in the next few years?* *Kalyn:* "I know it might sound crazy, but I've already started thinking about the next record. I would like to try to write a bunch of songs in the next few months and get back in the studio as early as fall. I'm playing a lot this summer. I have a regular circuit that stretches from Buffalo, WY, to Helena, MT. I play a lot of bars - two and three hour shows - and I'm planning on pushing this album pretty hard. Playing every song, playing lots of originals. It's a whole different ball game when you play someone a song and then you can offer them a recorded copy. I'm pretty excited about that part. I'm playing three different CD release shows and the first two feature a full band. Cody at Joyvagen Bike Shop on May 19, Red Lodge at Red Lodge Ales on May 20 and Billings, Montana at Yellowstone Valley Brewing on May 29. All these shows are free and they all start at 6. I'm also opening for the Patti Fiasco on June 25 in Cody, and I'm excited for that show. To tell you the truth, I'm planning on spending a lot of time outdoors, enjoying this beautiful Wyoming summer, riding my bike, traveling with my girlfriend and dogs, drinking good beer and playing lots of shows." [image: 12890860_10153475795508321_4234390533940536449_o.jpg] *Pitchengine Communities:* *Why Cody? * *Kalyn:* "Cody is my hometown. It's in my blood. I've seen it snow on my birthday and the 4th of July, just a week apart. Do you know what that does to a kid? There's not another place like this in the whole world and it's not for everyone, all the time. It's the strange, hilly desert that runs right to the jagged mountains and all the opportunities it affords someone like me. I'm an outdoorsman and a sportsman. I love the remoteness, the extreme environment, the lack of people and abundance of wildlife. I love the tourists and I love when the leave. I'm a western artist and my inspiration is 360 degrees." Kalyn's CD release party/show will take place Thursday (tomorrow), May 19th at Joyvagen Bike Shop at 6:00 p.m. The Organism (Ivan Soobitsky) and Justin Beasley will open the show. All are welcome and there is no entrance fee. Red Lodge Ales will be there to serve beer to anyone over 21. CD's will be for sale, cash only, for $10. [image: 13102610_10209036583900131_2160464701852817318_n.jpg] #reboot #news #whatshappening