"Leo is awake and off the ventilator"

Leo Horsen, the Meeteetse boy who was accidentally hit in the head with a shot put on May 2, is awake and on the road to recovery. His Mom, Christine Horsen took to facebook a few days ago to announce the happy news. Christine said, "Hopefully, everyone has heard by now, but Leo is awake and off the ventilator. He has been moved from icu to peds. He is able to slowly begin to communicate. He is doing so much better. The Dr's are quite happy. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! We love you guys! β˜ΊπŸ’•." [image: kksdfniw.JPG] Christine's facebook page is flooded with support from others in the community. Tricia Ervin shared a photo to her page with the caption: "Jayci is playing for Leo today!!! Sending prayers and love to the Horsen family!" Jayci is seen playing with a #PrayForLeo bandanna. [image: fafaceb.JPG] If you wish to help the Horsens financially, there are several ways to help. Basin Reboot reached out to Jay Curtis, Meeteetse School Superintendent to update the following fundraiser information, but have not been able to reach him. We'll update as soon as we have more information. 1. A fund is open at *Bank of the West* under 'Horsen Family.' 2. All proceeds from the *Silent Auction* at the previously scheduled Longhorn 6 Man Golf Tournament in Cody on July 16, 2016 will be donated to the Horsen Family. Silent auction items are donations from around the community. Anyone interested in contributing should contact Dale Query (Assistant Football Coach) at 307-578-7098 or 3. *Annual Sports Banquet* - There will be some sort of fundraiser at this event, but details are unclear at this time. 4. *Summertime Community Event* - There will be an event this summer; likely a BBQ and/or support auction. Date and details have yet to be determined. #reboot #news