7 crazy snaps from yesterday's storm over Cody

(Cody, Wyo.) - We saw rain, hail, thunder & lightening last night around Cody. Many of you stopped to capture the storm, and we thank you for taking time to share your photos. Check out these 7 crazy snaps PLUS a video, from last night around Cody. [image: 13246004_10206545119930785_185006181_n.jpg] 1. Photo taken over Ralston Friday evening. h/t Julie Forconi [image: 13249466_10156951932925113_156502219_n.jpg] 2. h/t Janet Erickson [image: 08ac2eb9-2492-4b63-b8f5-d1bffe560af7.jpg] 3. "Crazy weather over Cody today." h/t Jo Vulpius [image: 13239393_10206665805147077_8066001666250405931_n.jpg] 4. "Crazy Wyoming spring weather!" h/t Kristie Salzmann [image: 13092158_10208375116928405_935425687319696493_n.jpg] 5. "Rain and hail. Thunderstorms and lightening." h/t Sandy Gray [image: 13220851_996578773760002_5139647084710356216_n.jpg] 6. "A pretty awesome storm cell moved from Cody toward Powell this afternoon and then veered off to the north before reaching Powell. From pictures I've seen, it looks like it put down A LOT of hail in Cody. I got some nice shots from several different angles and locations. Here is the first. 5/20/16" h/t Mike Moore. [image: insta.JPG] 7. h/t Holly381 on Instagram who said "Storm clouds hovering Rattle Snake Mtn." EMBED HERE 8. Cody Coffee Roasters caught this video with one of the loudest cracks of thunder we've ever heard! The National Weather Service in Riverton is predicting more rain and thunderstorms today and tomorrow in Cody. There is a hazardous weather outlook for areas of Park County, including the Cody foothills. "Thunderstorms will develop this afternoon and evening. Gusty winds and hail are possible." Below is the forecast through Sunday evening. [image: weatehr.JPG] #reboot #news