Taste of Wyoming in Basin highlights local products, helps animals

Taste of Wyoming, a fundraiser for Felines and Friends, combined everything you could possibly want in an outdoor event with great weather, good company, terrific food and exquisite beverages. Around 75 hungry and thirsty diners were treated to samples of some of the best that Wyoming has to offer last Friday. From baked goods, candies, beef and lamb to an assortment of wines and beer. The brains behind this were: Barbara Greene, Basin Chamber President, and Robin Zorn, the owner of the newly opened backroom behind the Black Mountain Grill in Basin. [image: 13262419_10207294924825520_1318278857_o.jpg] “When Robin and Bryan Williams opened the back room and decided to serve alcohol, I started thinking of ways to help bring in business for both the Grill and Robin,” says Greene. “As we talked further, we came up with the idea of holding a fundraiser for Felines and Friends of Wyoming outside the Grill and in the backroom. Because of the Grill and knowing its owner, Jane Good for 40 plus years, I thought we could help her business, too. So the tasting expanded into food items too.” Greene went on to say, “I do a lot of work with the Wyoming Business Council and the Wyoming First program. A friend of mine runs that program and goes all over the world to trade shows that feature all sorts of Made in Wyoming products. I might add that it’s not just food and drink. So I started contacting local businesses that are a part of that program and Chamber members.” As the planning continued, Greene was able to confirm over 19 businesses including: Buffalo Jump Winery in Cody, Fort Causeway in Lovell, Country Bakery in Lovell, Queen Bee Gardens of Lovell, Table Mountain Vineyards in Torrington, Diamond S Delights of Hyattville and Wyoming Gourmet Beef in Cody to name a few. [image: 13282721_10207294913865246_1004363503_o.jpg] “Not only did a lot of people show up, but a lot of businesses were able to market their products to people who had no idea they existed. In fact, many of the products will now be featured at several new locations in Basin and Greybull. Many of those attending said they will be heading to Cody to stock up on a few of the yummy products from some of the businesses. As a Chamber, we feel really good about helping local businesses grow,” says Greene. “Everyone seemed really happy and asked when we’re going to do it again, so maybe this Fall. Hopefully it will grow.” The event raised over $1,000 from admission fees and a silent auction that included autographed items by Brett Keisel. All proceeds will go directly to Felines and Friends, a nonprofit organization that rescues animals. Greene said they not only rescue cats, but dogs, horses and even a pet snake that wasn’t being fed. The animals are either caught or brought to them and then they take them into the Vets office where they are looked over and if any necessary treatment is needed they will receive it. The animals also get their shots and are spayed or neutered. “Typically I pay for all the food and transportation of the animals,” noted Greene. “Sometimes people will donate and we’ll apply it towards the vet bills. We’ve even helped out other rescue groups that have a very small budget.” [image: 13295245_10207294913745243_159855710_n.jpg] #olsen #reboot #news